Friday, 10 August 2012


Fact - John Gardner wrote more James Bond novels than Ian Fleming himself.

Fact - Each of Gardner's Bond novels was a bestseller.

Fact - Gardner's Bond books have been long out of print, but are now back in E-book and print.

Blurb: On holiday in Victoria, British Columbia, Bond becomes intrigued Lee Fu-Chu, a half-Blackfoot, half-Chinese philanthropist who is known as "Brokenclaw" because of a deformed hand.
On his return to the UK Bond is tasked to investigate the kidnapping of several scientists who have been working on a new submarine detection system. It becomes clear that Brokenclaw is behind the kidnapping and worse, he has a devastating plan to cause economic meltdown through the collapse of the dollar.Bond has no choice but to enter his lair ...

Review: When John Gardner first took over the pen of Ian Fleming,I went with him and enjoyed his first Bond novel, Licence Renewed.Subsequent novels were  hit and miss and some were good, some were bad and one or two were very good. The strange thing with Brokenclaw ist that I remember loving it, but upon rereading it now I found it rather bland. There are some good moments but the author seems to have been bored with the series and there is little if any real characterization, which made  the book boring.

I didn't really like this one.

Reviewed by Steve

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